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Back in California

Got home yesterday after a long day of travel. It really sucks being in a different time zone, especially since my friends from home aren’t done with finals, so I have no one to hang out with……besides my dogs

Finally Done

So I never mentioned this, but for the past two months i’ve been working on a project analyzing the performance of hockey forwards in the nhl during the 2010-2011 season. While i enjoyed working on it, i’m so happy to be finally done!! 

Used this picture on my intro slide. I don’t think my class appreciated it enough

Well, both my favourite players left the devils

I’ll be in the corner eating massive amounts of food if any other devils fans want to group hug or something

Every person who turns 21 should have a crown (may or may not have started drinking already) 

Every person who turns 21 should have a crown (may or may not have started drinking already) 

So i’m 21 now…..

I actually feel really old . I’m excited to celebrate by birthday tonight with alcohol, food, and friends, but for right now it’s sleep time. 

Still emotionally scarred over the bruins vs penguins game last night

I just wanted to exciting evenly matched series. Instead I’ve been upset for the Penguins and their fans the entire time. 

Go Devils!!!

May or may not have yelled “KATIE!!!! THE RUSSIAN, THE RUSSIAN!!!” in my raspy non-existent voice. (It’s hard to properly celebrate when you have a sinus + upper respiratory infection) 

Left my dad’s house in California at 10pm on Friday and got to my mom’s house in florida at 4/5pm Saturday. I had a very long Friday/Saturday due to long layovers and damaged planes. But hey, HOCKEY IS BACK!!!!!

I actually spent the morning at the farmers market where they randomly had a tampa bay lightening booth and I got a free poster. 

It’s been a good day =) 

My Russian Lit final paper is two pages too long

The author i’m writing about it too awesome, I can’t bear to cut out anything. This is going to be a problem…..